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final exam paper - Christine Van Pelt Dr Hoeffner ENGL 1302...

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Christine Van Pelt Dr. Hoeffner ENGL 1302 10 August 2011 The Need to End Child Marriage In Mary Robinson’s and Desmond Tutu’s “Ending Child Marriage Helps Communities Across the Developing World,” they make a clear claim of wanting to end child marriage. The claim comes with a few reasons and grounds. There are some fallacies, but there is a understandable thought out future plans helps their argument. Their claim is that they want to end marrying off children. They have multiple reasons. The first reason is all of the health issues that are involved. With the young ages, “child brides are relatively powerless in their families and often lack access to health information” (Robinson). This causes there to be more prone to injury, illness, and even death when they have the baby. The grounds for this reason is that death in childbirth is “the leading cause of death in girls in the developing world ages 15-19,” showing that the girls in these countries are being married off and having children way to young (Robinson). The warrant is that these young people being married off are in alarming danger. It is so severe that there needs to be something done. The backing is
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final exam paper - Christine Van Pelt Dr Hoeffner ENGL 1302...

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