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Sample Argument Paper She begins with rhetorical questions and states the article that she is analyzing very soon in the intro. She states Ryan’s main focus of his paper which is that parent’s shouldn’t be about to make severe future decisions about their children. She states how clearly Ryan presents her argument. She also states the weaknesses in the article. She writes the first thesis that she has and puts he position on it which is that he thinks size can be factored into if a ballerina gets into a ballerina school. She backs this up with Ryan’s commentary in his article. She then writes Ryan’s main thesis which is that children should not be pressured into childhood careers by their parents. She backs this up with how Ryan’s opinion is clear in believing it is wrong. More support in the thesis comes from Ryan’s personal experience and knowing the issue first hand. She makes sure to state that Ryan doesn’t have any logical fallacies. The logic of a
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Unformatted text preview: school having to set standards is perfectly reasonable, and Ryan uses analogies to show this. She makes sure to include Ryan’s emotion appeal by including American liberty and also by including the innocence of a child. She states that Ryan’s emotional appeal at the end of an argument is a good placement. She also makes know that Ryan answers counterarguments for his first thesis but not for his second thesis. She then lists the counterarguments for the second thesis and states that it might have hurt his paper. Other weaknesses are the length and the inability to discuss the issue in the amount that is need. Ryan does put a solution but does not explain the solution. She then concludes her analysis by going through all of Ryan’s strong and weak points in the article....
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