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What in the world is a rhetorical analysis

What in the world is a rhetorical analysis - adds special...

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What in the world is a rhetorical analysis? What rhetorical analysis is not: A summary What rhetorical analysis is: Using critical thinking skills to break down a text Figuring out how an author writes not what they wrote Figuring out the strategies the author used to achieve their purpose Steps: 1 st - read carefully to identify the author’s main idea 2 nd – analyze for rhetorical features and figure out the overall argument, the writer’s purpose (to inform, persuade or criticize), the intended audience, what is the arrangement of the author’s ideas, what is the author’s diction (word choice, arrangement, accuracy, and formalness), if there is dialogue, anything important that is repeated, the sentence structure, and the punctuation that
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Unformatted text preview: adds special effects. You want to figure out why the author does all of these things 3 rd – come up with your own thesis for your rhetorical analysis (What point do you want to make about the author’s rhetorical choices? Do the author’s rhetorical strategies make his/her article a strong/weak argument?) 4 th- arrange rhetorical strategies in a logical way 5 th – each point should have strong topic sentences describing the strategies you are about to explain 6 th – make sure you are not summarizing the strategy but stating the effect of the strategy 7 th – proofread...
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