18 org - Chapter 18 organizational communication Defining...

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Chapter 18 organizational communication Defining organizations Organization: a social system comprised of various individuals (or individuals components) that organize and coordinate their efforts in order to achieve collective and/or individual goals Organizations involve the interaction, efforts, and communication exchange of numerous individuals The efforts and interactions of organizational members and divisions are coordinated or organized to some degree around collective organizational goals Organizations are social systems Profit-based organizations Non-profit-based organizations, includes charities, interest based groups, and government Emerging organizations- virtual organizations: one without any centralized physical or geographic location- the members of a virtual organization communicate and interact with one another and otherwise conduct their operations virtually (electronically) Characteristics or organizations Organizations as open systems: Katz& Kahn- one which interacts with its environment, they import energy, materials, and other inputs from the environment, they transform the inputs they obtain from the environment (energy and inputs from the environment are also used to re-energize the system as necessary) Interdependence- Sarah Trenholm- the various elements that make up a particular organization are inextricably connected to one another in some fashion Communication in organizations
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18 org - Chapter 18 organizational communication Defining...

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