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Ch1 history of the major note

Ch1 history of the major note - Factors contributing...

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Factors contributing to "slipperiness" In defining communication: 1. The absence of a major figure that symbolizes the field of study 2. The ield suffers from massice sprawl Rhetoric : Serves not only to persude but also to shed light on the elements contributing to persuasion in any situation. Sophists : Individuals who taught rhetoric to the general public Aristotle : (384-322 B.C) is the pioneering scholar and teacher of speech communication, first to study communication scientifically in an effort to find truths, and refuted Plate/s contention that rhetoric was just a skill or knack one possesses, defended communication as a legitimate field of inquiry. Aristotle's 3 artistic proofs: Ethos, pathos& logos Ethos: The spealer's character, pathos: Appeals using emotion, logos: The use of arguments Trivium : One of the original seven liberal arts, in 19th century rhetoric, grammar along with logic formed trivium. Speech communication : What rhetoric is often called today Departmentalization
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