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ch1&2&3 lecture - Exploring communication...

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Exploring communication Defining communication What is in a definition? The first suggests a definition should express the singular correct truth Single correct definition that precisely describes all instances of an object or phenomena The second holds that a definition should sufficiently express the essential defining attributes of an object or phenomena 2nd option in defining comm: comm as a set of interrelated concepts that vary somewhat depending on the particular phenomena, but share certain unifying dimensions Definition goals Our definition must: identify the central dimensions of comm, but remain versatile enough to apply to the diversity of comm phenomena How to meet this goal: isolate the common elements, use flexible but meaningful terms to construct our definition Elements of comm: a combination of elements. . one way to represent this quality is to use the term process: comm is multifaceted, dynamic, & involves change over time, comm’s not single elements, instance or act Something being communicated: can be spoken/ written words, nonverbal cues, symbols, electrical impulses Information: what’s being exchanged, also described as message/ as that which reduces uncertainty, human attach meaning to info A means by which comm occurs: i.e. a way for info to be sent& received, a method of exchange: A multidirectional flow between parties involved Sometimes comm’s constrained primarily to transfer (one way) Something doing the communication: Entities ranging from individuals, computers, animals to collective like groups, orgs, etc. System- set of interdependent underscores that such entities are complex phenomena
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ch1&2&3 lecture - Exploring communication...

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