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ch2 defining note - Familiar but elusive nature of...

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Familiar but elusive nature of communication Goals of a communication definition Insight provided by the past: Viewed rhetoric and communication as a skill, rather a study Rhetoric: The art and practice of using speech effectively Empiricism : Knowledge should be obtained and evaluated on the basis of systematic observation Departments of communication theory : Focus primarily on scientific perspectives and empirical research Communication expertise : Communication is the fundamental human activity. It allows us to define and understand who we are, to express our feelings, ideas and opinions, to accomplish practical goals, to form and maintain relationships, to interact with others personally and professionally, to get to know and understand others, and a multitude of other outcomes. Sender : A person who originates an act of communication Message : A stimulus, or set if symbols that are produced by a sender Channel : Or medium, is hte method we use to convey our message Receiver : The person we send our message to, the target of a particular message Linear model
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ch2 defining note - Familiar but elusive nature of...

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