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ch3 models note - Value of models Definition of model...

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Value of models Definition of model: Simply an abstract representation of something- an object, process, system, experience, event, etc. Abstraction: 3 primary uses of models: Explanation: Atempt to identify and describe the essential elements whichconstitute a given phenomena and to illustrate the relationships that exist among them Prediction: Explore the factors which underlie potential changes in the component elements of a phenomena (and the relations that exist among them) over time and further, to predict the directionality and nature of such changes Control: Limitations of models: Our exploration of these models will not focus on defining or describing the process of communication in its entirety, but rather on identifying and better understanding specific aspects, elements, and types of communication identified in the models, focusing specifically on concepts in each model that can enrich the basic description of the communication process we built in the previous chapter Most of the communication models emplyed by scholars do not attempt to desctibe communication in a broad sense, but rather as it occurs within a specific context or event- in short most models forgo the big picture in favor of a more focused perspective Some of the communication models will be based on specific communication events or contexts
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ch3 models note - Value of models Definition of model...

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