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ch4 perception note - Chapter 4 Human communication...

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Perception: The process by which we make sense of the workd around us Perception and communication Perception is an essential part of the study of communication because quite simply it represent the human element of communication Breaking down the perception process: Selection, organization and interpretation- ongoing and integrated process Selection: How we attend to or select information in our environment for processing Qualities of stimuli-- Fequency: The fact that it occurs several times Contrast: It stands out because it is different in some manner Intensity: stimuli that are particularly strong or even extreme versions of a given phenomena tend to be attended to, this additional property if stunyku that increases the likelihood of selection Novel stimuli: Things that are new to us, also tend to have an icreased likelihood of selection Other influences on selection: Individual characteristics, past experience, socialization, knowledge, social roles Individual characteristics: Conscious focus: Appreciating many details that might otherwise go unnotices Selection and perceptual errors: Omission: Occurs when we inaccurately perceive events because we have failed to select a piece of information ofr processing that ultimately turns out to be important
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ch4 perception note - Chapter 4 Human communication...

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