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ch5 verbal comm note - The importance of verbal...

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The importance of verbal communciation Word are the focus of the majority of our conscious efforts to communicaate Properties of language Language: A rule-governed symbol system that aloows its users to generate meaning and, in the process, to define reality Language is a symbol system Symbol- represents the symbolic nature of language Semantic triangle (triangle of meaning): Used to describe the indirect connection that exists beween a word and what it descrives A system is generally defined as a set of interdependent components or elements phonemesL the sounds used in a language Syntactics: Indicate the structure or arrangement of the symbols used Semantics: Describes the elements of meaning within a language Pragmatics: Describes influence of context or situation on language use Language is governed by rules Phonological rules: Describe hte principles governing how sounds in a language may be combined such as how words are pronounced Syntactic rules: Dictate how the symbols or elements of language can be arranged or combined, e.g.Sentence structure Semantic rules: Associated with the literal interpretation of meaning from words and phrases in language, sometimes known as the denotation Pragmatic rules: Help us understand how the interpretation of language can change according to
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ch5 verbal comm note - The importance of verbal...

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