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Defining interpersonal communication Consider these 2 words: interpersonal, personal Interpersonal The prefix inter generally means between, a basic definition of interpersonal might be between people Personal Directed to or reflecting a particular person What are the similarities and differences in what each term describes? In other words, are all of our interpersonal actions personal? Each term is the focus of a different approach to interpersonal comm Defining IC: 2 approaches Quantitative approach: Interpersonal comm- 2 person, face to face comm Quantity- i.e. the number of people involved is the defining criteria Dichotomous perspective Mass comm as opposite of interpersonal AKA dyadic comm- dyad- a set of 2 people Some issues: should all 2-person comm be considered the same?- do you communicate the same way w/ a relative stranger as w/ a close friend? Tech advances have impacted face-to-face primacy These factors limit the usefulness of the quant perspective Qualitative approach: interpersonal comm- comm based on recognition of communicators as unique individuals, i.e. relational comm Emphasizes the influence of relationships on comm interactions Reading- social-cognitive orientation Interpersonal comm is built up over time Dialectical distinction Impersonal comm as opposite of interpersonal comm We’ll emphasize qual, but both approaches are useful: Quant- helps us understand important/ typical forms of interpersonal comm--- readings Qual- helps us understand the impact of relationships on comm& importance of comm processes in relationships Relationships are one of the most important behavior influences: Make life meaningful, drive our interactions w/ others, are essential to our personal& practical goals
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Communication is the fundamental relational process
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ch8 ip lec - Communication& connection Defining...

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