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ch16,17 health notes - via mass comm Channels Goals...

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Ch16 health comm. 2foci of comm.: Examining the production and process of human comm. (e.g. comm. Forms, cognition). The effects of comm. On human behavior Heath comm. 2 primary goals: To introduce to the undergraduate student the field of health comm. And in so doing familiarize the student with the study of heal comm. To introduce to the reader what health comm. Scholars do and what methods they use to study topics in health comm. Health comm. Areas of study Patient- provider comm.: concerned with the skills and forms of comm. In the physician-patient (p-p) relation and if health outcomes (e.g., patient adherence and understanding of illness) differ meaningfully as a function of the p-p relationship Promoting health through mass communication campaigns Mass communication health campaigns (HCC): a popular method to educate and often times persuade individuals’ regarding health is the use of messages delivered
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Unformatted text preview: via mass comm. Channels Goals: awareness and education Message types: notice, learn, change or reinforce Heath and medical informatics Medical and health informatics (MHI): concerned with the role of computers and technology in comm. Or transfer of info between people (e.g. patients) and information (e.g. health care provider) Evaluation in health comm. Research Evaluation is necessary to know if a health comm. Program worked and hopefully why and what aspects worked Interventions are planned activities or practices designed to achieve a desired outcome (e.g. improved mental health, weight loss) that may not be possible in the absence of the intervention Readiness for change Formative evaluation: helps form or shape the intervention and typically precedes or coincides with summative evaluation Summative evaluation: charged with determining if a campaign worked and why or why not it worked or did not work...
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ch16,17 health notes - via mass comm Channels Goals...

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