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com tech lec - International comm Def: IC- comm between...

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International comm Def: IC- comm between nations& international entities in the global system - Field is becoming increasingly prominent Also includes the study of international agencies: - IGO (International governmental organizations), eg. European Union, NATO, NAFTA, etc. - INGOs (international nongovernmental orgs), eg. Red Cross, multinational corporations, etc. Information/ telecommunication flow- phone, data, etc. - Aggregate comm between individuals/ groups/ orgs in different nations, Barnett telecom research Physical flows: physical flows as forms of or associated w/ comm - Trade (import/export)& capital - Postal/mail & customs flow - People flow - Long term, eg. Immigration, short term, eg. International students International ‘dialogues’ Formal channels, e.g. political& diplomatic exchanges, IGO& INGO conferences, generally narrow access Informal channels, eg. Grass-roots orgs, dialogues via ‘open’ mediums … Media content import/ export Scholars of IC explore a variety of areas: Comparisons of comm/media indifferent countries: telecom infrastructure, govt policy& influence, media export/import, etc. Examining global comm policies international policy, impact of specific national policies on IC processes The relationship between comm& interactional elements such as conflict/ cooperation& national
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com tech lec - International comm Def: IC- comm between...

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