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com tech - Being a social networks this new innovation...

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Being a social networks, this new innovation called Sina "Micro-blog" (t.sina.com.cn) works different from Facebook type of websites by providing a different scale of social circle. While you can friend people mostly you know in person to access to his or her page, and follow the celebrities on social networks like Facebook, Sina Micro-blog is creating a much broader social circle by allowing everybody to follow and friend each other all equally, so that the celebrities are seen just as your friends on the page. This is one of the features that attracts me-- the pop stars that I like become so much closer to me that I'm free to see what they do in their everyday lives and leave messages on their pages. In this way, it works very much like Twitter. The basic functions on the various types of websites are slightly different. To keep the communication more efficient, one piece of your blog, or journal, must be less than 140 words, like a facebook status; and you can only share one picture at a time on Micro-blog. Besides, Micro-blog presents a lot more
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