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Communication technology Technology: some societal (man-made) advancement that makes life easier Domination Information richness Option Are people more isolated or is it just the way we communicate has changed? Information overload-confusion Product: a class of technology Brand: 2 brands How do they advertise? Video games, social networking, cloud computing, VIOP, privacy technology Social networking, no facebook or twitter Web 1.0 web scene is a platform Web 2.0 online all the time, collective- no gatekeeper, help you manage information, e.g. bookmark, youtube, flickr, Google Reader, etc
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Unformatted text preview: Are we more socialized or less? Strong link/ weak link Web 3.0 automatically know where you are, losing privacy Revenue: advertising What change does technology bring to market? Globalization, etc Do you know you’re selling your information to the stores? Database in CVS, Amazon… IP, copyright, trademark Copyright is the clearest among all of them Trademark is the weakest Expiration date for copyright Make money through youtube double click network Infringement: Cyber scradding cyber piracy, metatags, deeplinking, framing Video game Co-location...
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