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This funny Thai health commercial that I watched on Youtbue is composed by three brief scenarios--Prescription, Cosmetic, and Broken Heart, each explains an advantage of daily excersice, and is very hilarious. In the first scenario, Prescription, when the patient was called over to the prescription room, the pharmacist simply did a series of crazy actions like jumping in front of him and then camly said that "Do this twice a day before meals in the morning and evening." Then the patient walked way moving his arms around. Then it showed on the black screen-- Daily excercise, the best prescription of healthier life. In the Cosmetic part, a lady looking really frustrating from picking among all the blushers kept asking the shop assistant, "Excuse me, miss. ..Do you have a natural red? I want a natural look, like cherry, understand?. .." Then the shop assistant grabbed her hand for hand wrestling when her face turned red. At this moment the shop assistant handed a mirror to her, she looked into it and smiled. Daily excercise make your skin glow naturally, it showed. In the
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