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Unformatted text preview: “Nonverbal cues are an extremely influential source of meaning.” Suggested as the very first general principle regarding nonverbal communication in the textbook, I now believe it as very true according to my experience of violating some nonverbal norms in communication with my friend, Yu. Yu was one of my best friends here at UB who once lived in Governors with me and some other friends. However, she moved to Ellicott last weekend because another friend of ours wanted to change her roommate and live with Yu. So we’ve been talking about going food shopping and make some food together this Saturday night. We decided to have them take the first bus to Wegman’s at 4 pm from Ellicott and stop by Governors to meet up with me. Instead of being there on time, I was ten minutes late, so that they had to wait for me to catch the next bus together. Finally showing up, I acted like nothing ever happened, not even a “Sorry” at all. To my surprise—just a little, though—they didn’t blame me or ever happened, not even a “Sorry” at all....
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