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Online Job Search Name of product: what is the product? Provide a short overview of what it is? What it does? How it does it? Online job search is a market of job searching and/or recruitment through the internet by providing the users with advertisements of companies& organizations. Brands: name at least 2 supporting brands/ companies/organizations that exist in this space and Pricing strategies: what are the pricing mechanism/ revenue sources that exist for organizations/brands in this space? One way that revenue is a reverse business model that catered to the high- end job seeker. After orchestrating the $436 million sale of to Yahoo! , Cenedella, who’s the CEO of started, the first in the family of industry-focused websites exclusive to the $100K+ job market, from his living room. He purchased several programming books, scouted out some job opportunities, and started sending a personalized newsletter to a small group of friends, contacts and, eventually, subscribers. Job seekers pay a subscription fee ($35 per month) to access screened $100K+ postings in their field. This segmentation is designed to give professionals a focused job search by level and industry. It also serves as a self-selection criteria to ensure that members to the site are invested in their job search, and have an earning potential of $100K+. Along with membership, job seekers also have access to a database of pre-screened recruiters. The site facilitates connections and introductions between job seekers and recruiters. When
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online job - Online Job Search Name of product: what is the...

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