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privacy tech - Danning Zhang Paper 2- Sept. 29, 2010...

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Danning Zhang Paper 2- Sept. 29, 2010 Privacy Technology As the development of information sharing grows tremendously every day in this age of information and techonology, it has been a considerable issue that it might be a little too fast and easy for the information to be exchanged as a process of communication, which will very likely lead to the fact of lost of privacy by advancement of transparency. I'm sure that no one would want to be watched while they are talking to their friends. Certainly business companies don't want to share their confidential business information with their competitors too much. And it's absolutely important for the governments to each keep their political and military privacy. All of those kinds of privacy require some type of technologies to protect. Then what is privacy techonology? According to, a privacy techonology can be defined as "a general term for a set of computer tools, applications and mechanisms which - when integrated in online services or applications, or when used in conjunction with such services or applications - allow online users to protect the privacy of their personally identifiable information (PII) provided to and handled by such services or applications." "Privacy enhancing technologies can also be defined as: Privacy- Enhancing Technologies is a system of ICT measures protecting informational privacy by eliminating or minimising personal data thereby preventing unnecessary or unwanted processing of personal data, without the loss of the functionality of the information system." ( I personally would interpret a privacy techology as a computer-associated ware which is intended to prevent the user's personal data from intentionally or unintentionally, illegally or unethically interfered or stolen by others without the user's consent. In term of protecting personal data, "privacy enhancing technologies
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privacy tech - Danning Zhang Paper 2- Sept. 29, 2010...

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