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BSC 2010 Acid_Base_Practice_Problems

BSC 2010 Acid_Base_Practice_Problems - of a solution of...

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Acid Base Practice Problems 8-22-11 1. The pH of the water in the oceans during the last ice age was about 8.0. According to an article from the journal Nature, by the year 2300, based on current models, the ocean pH will drop to 7.0, due to CO 2 absorption. What will be the concentration of OH - ions in the oceans in the year 2300? 2. A water treatment plant leaked sludge into an adjacent wetland near Titusville. The pH of the forest soil was about 6 prior to the leak. The pH of the sludge converted the forest soil pH to 13. As a result many trees died. a) What was the difference in hydrogen ion concentration between the initial and final pH? b) What is the pOH for the final condition? c) What is the concentration of H + ions for the final condition? 3. The hydroxide concentration
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Unformatted text preview: of a solution of roof cleaner is 0.00000001M. What is the pH? 4. If the pH of a solution is 6 what is the concentration of H + ions? 5. The water in your jacuzzi had a pH of 11 yesterday when you changed it. Fortunately you had another place to relax while waiting for the water to come to a more neutral pH. Today, after adding water conditioner your neighbor, a scientist tested the water again for you. Unfortunately, your neighbor only left you a note that said “ the [H + ] in your pool is .0000000001M. Then he left for the Bahamas. a) Is your jacuzzi safe to use? b)What is the final pH? pOH? 6. If the pH of a solution has decreased from 4 to 3 that means? If the pOH of a solution has increased from 11 to 13 that means? **************...
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