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Surname 1 Critical Thinking Most of lakes have water that is a little acidic. A tiny portion of acid will not hurt animals and plants in aquatic environments. However, if heavy acid rains continue to exist, it will be one of the most hazardous disaster in the future. It is safe to say that the effects of acid rain is more noticeable in freshwater habitats than in marine habitats in earlier stage. It is because when a typical rainstorm falls on forests, fields and grounds, it flows into lakes, marshes and streams, which means acid rain does directly affect freshwater habitats. However, another point that we should never overlook is that stream and ground water eventually flow into ocean. The problem
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Unformatted text preview: is that size of ocean is so big that most of people had failure to notice it's magnitude of danger. Even though it will take some time to pollute ocean by acidification, once marine life is polluted, the consequence is going to be tremendous. Ocean acidification is the biggest problem for deep sea marine life including coral, whose skeletons grow more slowly in water with lower pH, and algae—relatively small creatures at the bottom of the deep water food chain. In particular, it affects all kind of planktons that provide a crucial source of food to ultimately entire living organisms....
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