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BSC 2010L Special Topics (Plagiarism and Excel)

BSC 2010L Special Topics (Plagiarism and Excel) - span than...

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Special Topics: Plagiarism and Excel Frick & Reynolds state that bats are one of the most valuable topics for study. Scientists in the field of echolocation have been trying to determine how bats deal with their environment. Bats are beneficial species of the mammal community. Because they help to control flying insects, pollinate flowers, and scatter a variety of seeds of plants. Bats enjoy a relatively old age, some of them are reaching the age of 20-30. It is obvious that they enjoy a longer life
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Unformatted text preview: span than other mammals of analogous size. Maybe it is because of their ability to fly and hibernation to reduce energy during long period of winter. (Frick & Reynolds, 2009) Data from Osmosis experiment Percent Change Average Standard Deviation 0.25M 0.16 0.101871379 0.5M 0.573 0.055587768...
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