BSC 201 Answers to acid base

BSC 201 Answers to acid base - times also hydroxide ions...

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BSC2010 Answers to Acid Base Problems Fall 11 1. Concentration of OH - ions will be 0.0000001M or may use exponential form. 2. a) 10 7 ; b) 1; c) 0.0000000000001M or may use exponential form. 3. pH = 6 4. 0.000001M or may use exponential form. 5. a ) No; b) pH =10; c) 4 6. a) decrease from 4 to 3 means hydrogen ions have increased in concentration 10
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Unformatted text preview: times also hydroxide ions have decrease in concentration ten times. b) Means the hydroxide ion concentration has increase 100 times also the hydrogen ion concentration has decreased 100 times....
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