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ENC 1101 week 1 assignment - Missed weekly discussion posts...

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ENC 1101 week 1 assignment What is the final time you can submit an assignment on a due date? Assignments must be submitted by the deadlines as outlined in each written assignment instruction. but usually assignment deadlines are on Sunday, by 11:59 pm. What is the final time to answer a weekly discussion question? initial post for DQ must be made by Tuesday 11:59 pm. What is the proper naming convention when sending a homework and essay assignment? Title page must include my name, title of my essay, core number, class section, and instructor's name. and attached file's name must be like this : "Juhyun Roh_Core#1 How late can a student submit a discussion response for any week?
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Unformatted text preview: Missed weekly discussion posts cannot be made up. Late discussion post will not be accepted. ❚ How many days can a paper be late? Each day a Core paper is late your paper's grade is dropped one full letter grade. ❚ Where is the proper location to start a conversation that does not address a weekly discussion? I can have a conversation through E-mail on webcourses. ❚ How many papers must a student turn in -in order to pass this class? Total is 4. (3 essay, 1 PPT) ❚ What is the minimum grade a student can receive on any ESSAY and still pass this class? A grade of 'C' or better on each paper to pass this class....
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