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ENC 1101 Week 2 Discussion

ENC 1101 Week 2 Discussion - luck-This documentary...

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ENC 1101 Week 2 Discussion  respond I think the documentary "Gashole" that you have chosen is interesting film. And this is a good material you  could analyze. Actually, I had a chance to watch the first 20 minutes and had to stop. Even though this  documentary has very good rhetorical skill, It was very clear that this was not going to be an objective look.  There is no science to back up the claims of "water carburetors" and "vapor engines" discussed early in the  movie. I think you need to criticize some bias that he claims in the documentary. I hope this will help. Good 
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Unformatted text preview: luck. -----------------This documentary “Serial Killers" sounds interesting! And this is a good material you could analyze. I always wanted to know that how these peoplecould commit such crimes and just live like nothing happened. I really wanted to know that. I hope you could reveal their mentality through this work. And don't watch this film too much. It may hurt your spirit. Good luck....
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