ENC 1101 week 3 assignment

ENC 1101 week 3 assignment - Ju hyun Roh _ Week 3...

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Ju hyun Roh _ Week 3 assignment 1. Have you ever thought of writers as negotiating with their audiences? As a writer, what is the difference between imagining yourself talking to and negotiating with your audience? What would you do differently if you were doing the latter? I never thought of writer as that way Grant-Davie describes in this article. But it is obvious that writers need to consider who they are in a particular situation and be aware that their identity may vary from situation to situation. In order to deal with various situations, writer must consider to negotiate with their audience. 2. How would you define “exigence”? Why does exigence matter in rhetorical situations? It can be defined as simply a problem or need. In the case of the Sprite ad, the exigence of the communication would include the corporation’s desire to sell and consumer’s need to drink. Bitzer’s definition is that exigence is an imperfection marked by urgency; it is a defect, an obstacle, something waiting to be done, a thing which is other than it should be. A rhetorical exigence is some kind of need or problem that can be addressed and solved through rhetorical discourse. 3. Grant-Davie opens with a discussion of historical documentaries and the difference between asking “what happened?” and asking “Why did it happen?”. Which question, in your view, does analyzing rhetorical situations answer? What makes you think so? When we study history, our first question may be “what happened?” but the more important question, the question whose answer offers hope of learning for
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ENC 1101 week 3 assignment - Ju hyun Roh _ Week 3...

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