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ENC 1101 Week 4 Assignment

ENC 1101 Week 4 Assignment - music art theater and other...

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ENC 1101 Week 4 Assignment What's the main point King is making about writing as a process? Stephen King believes that writing is telepathy. It is like a magic. When writer gets inspired from something and describe it, reader also can see exactly what writer described. Writer never opened his/her mouse and never opened reader's. They might be not even in the same year together. But they are close. Writing has a magical power. What's one of Robinson's main points within the video concerning changing the educational paradigms in the U.S? He is explaining why current education system is failing. His main point is that we are educating children in a industrialized way. It's always been done that way since public education began. For example, standardized testing is killing creativity and divergent thinking. He believes that is why we are seeing so much "ADHD" and why children aren't really learning what they will need to compete in the future. By cutting out
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Unformatted text preview: music, art, theater and other programs from education, we are teaching children to turn off their senses in order to be educated, instead of waking them up to what is inside of themselves. Our children are surrounded in the real world by all this interesting media - tv, internet, iphones - yet we expect them to learn pretty much the same old boring way we always have. He mention that a study where kindergartener take a test to measure their divergent thinking. The result indicates that over 80% scored at genius level for divergent thinking. They were tested again a few years later, and only 50% scored well. After they were about 12 years old, the percentage fell dramatically. The reality is that we had "educated" them to believe there is only one answer and have "standardized" their ability to think. Like a factory, we are turning out test-takers, not thinkers....
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