ENC 1101 Week 5 Assignment

ENC 1101 Week 5 Assignment - ENC 1101 Week 5 Assignment 1....

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ENC 1101 Week 5 Assignment 1. Carol Berkenkotter thoroughly describes Donald Murray’s writing processes. Murray’s writing involves much planning and re-writing . It seems like a very lengthy process . I believe this because he, “made many outlines and diagrams in his daybook before dictating a draft (pg. 223). It seems as though Murray is an extensive planner . Although, this probably creates very successful writing, it just seems like a very repetitive process . My writing involves a simple outline, which I may revise later depending upon whether it flows or not. I take pieces of others' work to incorporate into my writing. I also decide on how I want to structure my paragraphs before any writing begins. Many people peer-edit my writing before submission. Also, I read over my work many times, in order to create the best piece of writing possible. My impression of Murray’s writing processes was that he takes time and effort to thoroughly write an essay. There are many steps to be taken, in order for the outcome to be satisfactory. Murray also stresses that planning is essential . He splits the task up into two kinds, “process goals” for procedural aspects of writing, and also “rhetorical goals” which plan for a way to target the specific audience (Berkenkotter, p.222-223). This compares to my writing because of the fact that I do plan my papers ahead of time. What Murray does differently is his depth and excessive planning that my papers seem to lack. The impression I got from Murray's writing processes is that he meticulously schemes and plans out his writing. Also, I understand where he is coming from when he feels frustration of trying to convey ideas to the audience. I like to plan out my essay before I write it but not as extensively as Murray. This where we differ, but I'm the one in the wrong. I need to improve my pre-writing skills and also my editing skills. I responded to the same question and agree with you about not pre writing
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ENC 1101 Week 5 Assignment - ENC 1101 Week 5 Assignment 1....

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