ENC 1101 Week 9 Assignment

ENC 1101 Week 9 Assignment - ENC 1101 Week 9 Assignment 1...

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ENC 1101 Week 9 Assignment 1. What does Gee mean when he says that you can speak with perfect grammar and yet be "wrong nonetheless"? Does this conflict with what you've been taught in school about grammar? True language is not just completing grammar perfectly, it's not enough, but matching saying with doing. Gee discusses that language is not just what you say, but how you say it. it is not just how you say it, but what you are and do when you say it (pg, 483). Despite that word choice is important, certain context in situations should be considered. If word is not accompanied by action, it is dead. It is because it does not prove anything. The true word is the word in action, as if love is action word. 2. Gee argues that you can say something in the right way but do the wrong thing which he calls the "saying-doing combination." What does this mean? Gee discusses that it is crucial to match "saying" and "doing" which called "saying-doing combination". Although you can say using perfect grammar, it could be implying wrong meaning. One example he showed is “Gime a match, wouldya?” He said the correct thing but since he was in a different environment then he portrays himself as, his “saying-doing” combination is wrong. 3. Gee discusses that what is important is not language or grammar, but saying-doing-being- valuing-believing combinations which he calls "Discourse", so that the word "discuss" we are usually using is just part of "Discourse" (pq, 484). Even though there might be some people who don't agree with these phrases, I sure that he is using this wordplay effectively giving audiences to catch the differences between two concepts, so that he is readily able to get his message clearly across. I think this is one of quite good rhetorical skills. 4. What does Gee means by the terms primary Discourse, secondary Discourse, dominant
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ENC 1101 Week 9 Assignment - ENC 1101 Week 9 Assignment 1...

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