ENC 1101 Week 11 Assignment

ENC 1101 Week 11 Assignment - ENC 1101 Week 11 Assignment 1...

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ENC 1101 Week 11 Assignment 1. According to Wardle, what are the three ways that newcomers try to belong in a new community? Give a specific example to illustrate each "mode of belonging." Then consider why a newcomer might choose not to participate in some aspect of a new community. The three belonging modes of newcomers are engagement, imagination and alignment modes. The engagement mode begins when a newcomer first arrives in a new community. An example for engagement would be inviting some of the people in your community out to dinner to socialize. As a newcomer you try to figure out how to come out of your comfort zone because you are in a process of expanding and looking at things differently now that you are part of a new community. In this mode, the main goal of the newcomer is to actively pursue interpersonal relationships. Establishing positive working relationships with more experienced individuals helps the newcomer glean an immense amount of knowledge. In the imagination mode, the newcomer invents an extended identity, which may include an increased role or function in the community. The newcomer must be able to imagine his or her work as being “an important part of the world” (pg, 524). In the alignment mode, the newcomer actively engages in negotiations with other members of the community to reconcile “diverging perspectives” (pg, 524). Collaboration between old-timers and newcomers in the organization helps establish common ground as well as a broader, mutually shared vision for the organization. 2. Wardle quotes Rubin as saying that "stylistic options 'leak' clues about writers' social
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ENC 1101 Week 11 Assignment - ENC 1101 Week 11 Assignment 1...

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