ENC 1101 Week 15 Discussion

ENC 1101 Week 15 Discussion - ENC 1101 Week 15 Discussion...

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Unformatted text preview: ENC 1101 Week 15 Discussion The most hardest part in this Core, like other Cores, was writing "shitty drafts" (Lamott, 3). Shitty drafts are supposed to be easy and comfortable, but I couldn't measure if my draft is on the right track or not, which means writing draft took me a whole lot of time. I think it is important to have your personal advisors who can show you right direction. in terms of writing. The most difficult part of this assignment was trying to find professors willing to do interviews. With thanksgiving just passing, and finals week coming up, I believe those events played into the fact that everyone Ive requested for an interview have yet to respond to me. As far as my writing goes, I will continue to support my claims with more evidence, giving more solid points. I agree for one that it veery difficult to contact staff willing to complete the interview or ust had the free time to answer the interview questions. Supporting evidence in this assignment is a key component in being successful on this paper. I wish you the best of luck on this assignment. Oh my dear.. I completely know how you feel with the whole having difficulty with getting professors to interview. But I found that persistence is key. Or just e mail them your questions. That is what I did anyway. It makes it a little more difficult, cause there response are not as in depth via text as in person. But it works. I agree in full to this. Professors are busy people and they have enough e-mails from just their students alone. It is hard to ask someone to take time out of their day to help you when you know they have so much stuff to do with finals coming up. I think that was definitley one of the most challenging parts about the essay because you had to understand their side of not getting back to you super fast but you also had to persist in order to get them to even speak to you. Well The truth will definately set you free. So here is my confession I was afraid of Core 4. I have seemed to conquer that F.E.A.R false evidence that appears real. Well i must say I did not thinK I was capable of writing this paper until I experienced an epiphany. From there I put my entire heart until the paper as if my life depended on it. My weaknesses appear to be interpreting exactly what is demanded. I plan to continue to strive to conquer my weaknesses interpreting exactly what is demanded....
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ENC 1101 Week 15 Discussion - ENC 1101 Week 15 Discussion...

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