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ENC 1101 Week 15 Assignment - Even though Diaz never...

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ENC 1101 Week 15 Assignment 1. Sometimes writers use an uncompromising, "no-holds-barred" tone. Other times they find it better to write in a more measured tone that may not say exactly what they think but may sound more reasonable or acceptable to an audience. In your opinion, does the tone Diaz adopts help her accomplish her purpose? Would it have helped her to use a gentler tone, or does her purpose demand the bluntness she uses here? Diaz's writing style appeared in her paper is pretty much uncompromising. Diaz is even using such a strong statement that high school teachers are "liars" (pg, 710). I know this kind of tone is a little bit over-exaggerated. However, her simple but blunt tone is apparently appealing to the audience. I believe this kind of tone Diaz is using in this paper have accomplished her purpose. 2. How does Diaz's title connect to the material in her letter? She never discusses "failure" at all-to what, then does her title refer?
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Unformatted text preview: Even though Diaz never mentioned the word "failure" explicitly, she allotted whole paragraph for explaining how to fail to prepare writing in high school implicitly. Though the word "failure", Diaz was trying to attract the audience's attention successfully. 3. What do you suppose high school teachers would say in response to Diaz's letter? Has Diaz been fair to high school teachers? What could they say back to her? And what, then, might she say back to them? I believe that high school teachers have already known what Diaz is talking about. Because they all already had gone though college writing courses, they exactly know what college writing requires. However, high school teachers would say that high school writing is just basic level for entering college level. We as a teacher can't jump to the next level without fulfilling high school curriculum. It is mainly because they have to deal with standardized test, FCAT....
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