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BU2009 Sustainability in Business In-class Test 2 Details and Sample Questions In-Class Test 2 Details When is it? In the lecture times (12 noon to 2pm) on Tuesday the 25 th of May. The test is 2 hours long so you must be there before 12 noon Where is it? In the usual lecture theatre DA03-002 What is it worth? 30%. It will be marked out of 100 with these marks allocated as follows - Economics and sustainability (50 marks) o You will have to answer 5 questions out of 6 - Sustainable marketing (25 marks) o You will have to answer 1 question out of 3 - Sustainable business strategies (25 marks) o You will be given a short case and you will have to answer 3 questions about this case. What should I bring? Student ID and pens. You may bring an English or bilingual dictionary Exam booklets will be supplied What will it cover? This test covers Weeks 6 through 12 Questions could be taken form the lectures material, textbook, additional readings or tutorial activities for those weeks. The extra preparation session? We are offering an additional 2 hour class on Friday the 14 th of May between 9 and 11am in DA027-001 where you can go through and ask questions about the sample test and get help with areas you don’t understand. You should attempt the questions before you come to the class and have specific areas you need help with. We will not be going through each individual question. Sample questions Sample exam questions from lectures in weeks 6, 7 and 8 (Economics and Sustainable Business) 1. Imagine that all wealth is in the hands of the multinational firms who seek, primarily, to maximise today’s profits. What is likely to be considered to be ‘of most value’ to society – 1
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good returns on the stock-market or good quality public schools ? What should an ‘efficient’ society produce? Now imagine that all wealth is transferred from these ‘multinational’ firms to a group of retired teachers. What is this likely to do to the relative ‘value’ of stock-market returns and good-quality public schools, and what should our ‘efficient’ society aim to produce now? 2. Is GDP a good measure of ‘happiness’ and/or ‘sustainable growth’? Explain. No its not. GDP treats any economic activity as a good thing. For example buying a $60000 hummer is treated as better for the economy than buying a $20000 hybrid car. GDP does not measure factors such as health, infant mortality, illiteracy, the environmental destruction, CO2 emmisions. So while GDP is a measure for spending and which can measure happiness to a certain degree, therfore GDP is not a good measure of sustainable growth. A more accurate measure would be Genuine rogress Indicator (GPI) 3. Why is it important to consider ‘connections’ when talking about sustainability? Give specific examples
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testRevision - BU2009 Sustainability in Business In-class...

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