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What are the skill sets - an interesting hypothesis that...

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What are the skill sets, attributes and experiences in emerging markets that are necessary precursors to sustained entrepreneurial behavior? In emerging markets entrepreneurs often have an internal locus of control, a perceived ability which identifies a perceived need and this leads to growth motivation. Commitment, determination, drive to achieve, calculated risk taking are a few of the skill sets entrepreneurs from emerging economies will present. Experiences that drive people in emerging economies to become entrepreneurs, may be if they have been deprived or marginalized. Stanworth put forward the theory of social marginality who suggests the perceived strangess between a persons attributes extraordinary personal attributes and the position they hold in society may propel them to become entrepreneurs. Of course this theory does not hold for all entrepreneurs however it is
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Unformatted text preview: an interesting hypothesis that people arising from disadvantage are more likely to become entrepreneurs. • What role can western institutions assume in contributing to entrepreneurship in emerging markets? Western institutions can provide access to capital to invest in entrepreneurial activities in emerging economies that will provide diversification for the investor and funding for the entrepreneur. Can provide access to new markets for emerging economies Increased access to technologies, business models/leadership based on professional development • How to foster the creation of competitive industries With scarcity of private venture capital & banking sector constraints? • How might micro finance mechanisms help? • How can we consider optimal political policies, leverage national comparative advantages and induce private entrepreneurship?...
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