Lecture note 1 (09-06-2011)

Lecture note 1 (09-06-2011) - MAE 581 Advanced Materials...

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1 MAE 581 Advanced Materials Science Lecture note 1 Chapter 1 Atoms and atomic arrangements In modern-day activities we encounter a remarkable range of different engineering materials, metals and alloys, plastics and ceramics. Metals and alloys are still predominant by both the tonnage and the variety of applications in which they are used, but increasingly plastics and ceramics are being used in applications previously considered the domain of the metals, often within the same engineered structure, e.g. cars, aeroplanes, etc. The science of plastics and ceramics is more recently developed than that of metals, but has its origin in the study of structure and structure–property relationships. In this it has developed from the science of metals, physical metallurgy and a structure–property– processing approach. In such an approach, a convenient starting point is a discussion on the smallest structural entity in materials, namely the atom, and its associated electronic states. The atomic structure and the atomic electron configuration
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Lecture note 1 (09-06-2011) - MAE 581 Advanced Materials...

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