Lecture note 16 (10-27-2011)(1)

Lecture note 16 (10-27-2011)(1) - MAE 581 Advanced...

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MAE 581 Advanced Materials Science Lecture note 16 Thermodynamics of Alloys The equilibrium conditions (Eqs. 1 and 2) are given by Example 1 In a binary system of A and B atoms with the phases α and β in equilibrium at constant T , V , each change in F can be described as the sum of the changes in both phases. Thus in equilibrium We can simplify the above equation as follows Because , we can further simplify the above equation as follows Here and We then can get the equilibrium condition for this binary system and
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Example 2 The following figure is the phase diagram for the Cu-Ag system. The region above AEB is the liquid phase, to the right of ACF is the α-solid solution phase, and to the left of BDG is the β- solid solution phase. The triple point E is called the eutectic point. (1) How will a solution behave if it is cooled down from the liquid state K in the figure? (2) How will it behave if an α-solid solution is heated up from the point H in the figure? Solution of Example 2 (1) The temperature merely drops in the liquid phase along the vertical line passing through K until it reaches the intersection , which can be seen in the figure below, with curve BE. At the temperature of the β phase of the solid solution starts to solidify the concentration of which is given by . Since the solid solution which solidifies has a smaller concentration of Ag than the liquid phase, the Ag concentration of the remaining liquid becomes greater. So, as the
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Lecture note 16 (10-27-2011)(1) - MAE 581 Advanced...

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