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MAE 581 Syllabus - 2 Solidification of metals 3...

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Fall Semester 2011 MAE 581 Advanced Materials Science Dr. John Y. Fu T & R (2:00 PM ~ 3:20 PM), 337 BELL Course overview: The focus of this course is to provide a physical basis that links the structure of materials with their properties, focusing primarily on metals. With this understanding in hand, the concepts of alloy design and the relationship between thermodynamics and structures of metal alloys will be discussed. In this course, the following topics are going to be discussed. Topics: *This schedule is subjected to change depending on the progress of the class 1. Microstructure and phase, grain and phase boundaries
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Solidification of metals 3. Thermodynamics of alloys 4. Diffusion in solids 5. Dislocation structures and line defects 6. Annealing and recrystallization 7. Phase diagram and alloys system Prerequisites: MAE 381 or equivalent. Textbook: R. E. Smallman and A. H. W. Ngan, “ Physical Metallurgy and Advanced Materials ”, 7th edition, Elsevier Ltd., 2007. Grading Policy: (1) Individual report I ( 20% ) (2) Individual report II ( 20% ) (3) Final exam ( 60%) Office Hours: Friday (4:00 PM ~ 5:30 PM), 604 Furnas Hall...
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