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GMT 107 – Pakistan Studies / Fall 2010 Module 1: Creation of Pakistan Supplementary Notes Basic Queries Conservative Perspective Modernist Perspective What explains the Pakistan Movement? Pakistan movement was based on a religious ideology, which rested on Muslim nationalism and the Two Nation Theory . This perspective argues that Muslims and Hindus in India have always existed as two separate communities and are, by definition, two distinct nationalities. Therefore, the demand for Pakistan was based on the realization that the two communities cannot live together in a united India and must have their own states where they can order their lives according to their distinct creeds and social orders. Pakistan movement was the result of the socio-economic conditions structures prevalent in British India . This perspective argues that fairer and effective representation of the Muslims of India at all levels of government was the basic demand driving the movement for Pakistan. Religious ideology was not central to the movement, instead it were the secular political demands of
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GMT_107_-_Module_1_-_Supplementary_Notes - GMT 107 Pakistan...

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