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GMT 107 – Pakistan Studies / Fall 2010 Module 6: Pakistan in the World Supplementary Notes Pakistan Foreign Policy Interests India Afghanistan USA Kashmir dispute Sharing of water resources of the Indus basin Trade (both bilateral and transit) Gas pipelines (Iran Pakistan India pipeline) (recall our discussion on the liberal peace theory and interdependence with respect to the above two) People to people contacts and cultural exchanges Durand Line – international border disputed by Afghanistan A favourable and stable government in Kabul (one that is pro-Pakistan and
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Unformatted text preview: anti-India) • Smuggling and illegal trade via Afghanistan to Pakistan. • Trade and Energy via Afghanistan to central Asia • Refugees and cross-border human movement • Terrorism • Financial assistance in the form of open trade regime and economic association. • AID • Access to modern military training and weaponry • US mediation on the Kashmir dispute • US role in Afghanistan and the war on terror USA’s interests: • Nuclear proliferation • Terrorism – war on terror...
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