Characteristics of Mexico communitcation

Characteristics of Mexico communitcation - From...

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Unformatted text preview: From: Mexico Introduction Three times the size of the state of Texas, Mexico has a population of almost 88 million. The ethnic composition of the country is 60 percent mestizo (a mixture of Indian and European), 30 percent Amerindian, 9 percent white, and 1 percent other. Mexico is a federal republic. Spanish is the official language of Mexico, although over 100 Indian languages are also spoken. English is widely understood by educated people and in urban centers. There is no official religion, but almost 90 percent of Mexicans are Roman Catholic. Protestants account for around 5 percent. Mexico is one of the United States’ most important trade partners. It is the third largest exporter to the United States, and its international trade products include oil exports, tourism, and the products of its many assembly plants (called maquiladoras ). Most of the labor force is employed in the agricultural sector. Fun Fact One must know a person before doing business with him or her, and the only way to know a person in Mexico is to know the family. Personal relationships are the key to business success . In order to make this connection intermediaries are used. It is critical, especially for a high ranking meeting, to use a person who is known to the Mexican businessman or woman you are meeting. This is your "business family" connection, the person who will introduce you. This person is the bridge that builds the trust necessary to do business in Mexico. Mexicans are warm and gracious. They embrace the manana attitude, and do not embrace the time-is-money mentality of many other cultures. The old Mexican saying is that " North Americans live to work, but Mexicans work to live!" Respect their sense of time and traditions. If your natural tendency is to speak quickly or you have a forceful or sharp tone of voice, become aware of how you are coming across. Become sensitive to the pace and tone used in Mexico. Otherwise you will destroy a relationship with your caustic tone and behavior. Also, it goes without saying that jokes about "Montezuma’s revenge" are inappropriate. Geert Hofstede Analysis for Mexico Mexico is similar to many Latin countries when Hofstede's Dimensions are compared and analyzed (see Latin America Hofstede graph below). Mexico's highest Hofstede Dimension is Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI) (82), indicating the society’s low level of tolerance for uncertainty. In an effort to minimize or reduce this level of uncertainty, strict rules, laws, policies, and regulations are adopted and implemented. The ultimate goal of this population is to control everything in order to eliminate or avoid the unexpected. As a result of this high Uncertainty Avoidance characteristic, the society does not readily accept change and is very risk adverse....
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Characteristics of Mexico communitcation - From...

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