Promoting Effective Communication in diversity

Promoting Effective Communication in diversity - ,17July'08...

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First Appeared Thursday, 17 July '08 Promoting Effective Communication in a Diverse Work Culture By Lisa Rau  UCSF takes pride in having a richly diverse campus community, and in  response, the Office of Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity  (AAEOD) has created “Effective Communication in a Diverse Work  Culture,” an interactive workshop that offers skills for communicating  across culture, experience and other differences.  The workshop was developed in response to AAEOD annual progress  reports, which indicated that ineffective communication was a prime factor in many complaints the  office received. “We wanted to develop something that was proactive,” said Anthea Lim,  PsyD, diversity educator and analyst. “A lot of interpersonal  communication difficulties stem from not understanding each other. Ideas  of respect, values and beliefs oftentimes come from a cultural  background,” she added, noting that diverse people learn and  communicate in different ways. Discussing Diversity The workshop highlights communication, team building, respect and  inclusion through a diversity lens, underscoring the value of recognizing both differences and 
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Promoting Effective Communication in diversity - ,17July'08...

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