MY CULTURE - My Cultural Biryani According to Allama Iqbal,...

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My Cultural Biryani According to Allama Iqbal, “Culture encompasses all the mental, spiritual and physical activities of a nation” (Chapter 9 - Pakistani). I was born in Pakistan so my culture was greatly influenced by many of the surrounding cultures. Even at young age, I was introduced to many different region traditions which I ended up adapting into my daily life such as what I eat or wear or consider valuable in life. I am multilingual and multicultural because of this. Age and position is eminent in my family. The eldest is wise therefore they are treated with respect. They are usually the ones who make the decisions for everyone else such as who you can marry. Also, the involvement of elders greatly affects family role in life such as most of the women are homemakers, while the men are generally the breadwinners because women have to take care of elders. While, younger kids usually grow up at their uncles, aunts, or grandparents house. Close relatives usually live close or together in the same house. My uncles live next to each other in Pakistan and some even live in the same house. Close relations in family ensures safety when needed. In addition, it provides an affirming, positive experience which can be helpful in daily interactions with others. Familial encounters also play a large role in how successful and happy you are in life. My family believes that higher education is an important key in preparing an individual for a successful career. My family is very punctual, especially when it comes to work or school. They will make us leave at least a half-hour before the real time so we could arrive early. My parents are very open-minded when it comes to studying. They were a big help to my older sister when she wanted to study botany in another state in Pakistan. They greatly encourage us to travel
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MY CULTURE - My Cultural Biryani According to Allama Iqbal,...

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