ESSAY#3-ROMNEY ANALYSIS - Mitt Romney, a Leader People live...

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Mitt Romney, a Leader People live in a visual culture, where they constantly and consistently read images. These images communicate messages to audience through a variety of rhetorical tools. They also communicate messages using different effects such as color choice, layout, size of image, and placement of image. By image, I do not necessary mean a “picture,” rather I mean illustration that uses purely visual or graphic means of communication. Yet, those messages that offer the strongest impact often use some combination of image and words. Creative words, special effects, and comparison with other presidents are some of the techniques Mitt Romney skillfully uses to create a strong, convincing website. The placement of images has a major effect on audience. The candidate’s logo is at the very top left corner of the page. This familiar logo serves to authenticate the site. The blue, red, and white color scheme of the logo is carried throughout the rest of the page providing visual continuity. Four main areas are prominently displayed underneath, each with their own description and symbol to clearly differentiate between the main topics. On the side of the logo, there are several tabs. There is other information below the tabs, including links, a brief statement, and videos. The information provided under the tabs does not take up much room on the screen that implies that the content is important and give the visitor a clearer indication to focus on the text. The reader is immediately drawn to the donate tab because of the vibrant red shadow on the back of the white writing. The purpose of making only the donate tab red and
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ESSAY#3-ROMNEY ANALYSIS - Mitt Romney, a Leader People live...

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