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The Arab Zionist conflict, 244, home assignment for Nov 7 Yoni Brack Your assignment for next section (Nov 7) is to write one-two discussion questions based on the following materials (a good question should relate to all the materials but not necessarily). These questions can be on anything that interests you related the reading and media materials below. We will then use your discussion questions to develop our discussion in section. This is your opportunity to lead the discussion to the subjects that most interest you so carefully consider your questions. Questions will be submitted to me at the end of section (they will not be graded, only submitted or didn't submit). Bring the readings with you to section . 1 . Read carefully Anwar Sadat's and Menachim Begin's speeches during Sadat's historical visit to Israel and the Israeli Parliament in 1977 (pages 270-79, in Lech .(! 2 . The historical peace treaty between Israel and Egypt (1979) has been the subject of recent controversy and debate following the attack on an Israeli civilian bus on the Egyptian-Israeli border by a Palestinian group and Israel's mistaken killing of five Egyptian soldiers during the shootouts following the event (mid August). Note that the following materials represent certain (some, controversial) opinions in Israeli and Egyptian societies about this event and how it reflects on the peace between Israel and Egypt . A ( Watch the following story from al-Jazira ( 17936430.html ( B ( Read the following opinion column by Karni Eldad, titled: In the Middle
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assignment+for+nov+7 - The Arab Zionist conflict, 244, home...

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