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Homework Assignment 1 - Britains shift from Pro-Jewish to...

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Britain’s shift from Pro-Jewish to Pro-Arab policy is clearly reflected by the White Papers that the British released attempting to redefine what they originally meant by “A National Home’ in the 1917 Balfour Declaration. The original declaration of their support for the ambiguous term “National Home” would later on become a point of contention, bringing bitterness, anger and many failed attempts at reconciliation between the Arabs and the Jews in Palestine. We can see historical circumstances such as the Great Depression, rising Nazism in Europe, Jewish/Arab violent riots and the British desire to ally themselves with Arab countries that led to shifts in their policies and a change in the definition of a ‘Jewish National Home’. In 1922, after Anti-Jewish riots, the British began to shift their policies; they began by stating that they did not believe Palestine, as a whole should be converted into a Jewish National Home but that such a Home should be founded in Palestine. Thus saying
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