20th Oct - Mantle convection Europe + north America,...

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Affluence: having a lot of wealth, money goods, property, created by economic opportunity Per capital ecological footprint is a measure of affluence The IPAT equation Impact = population x affluence x technology Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Value of all goods and services produced in a year in that country GDP is made up of consumer spending, investments, govt spending and exports – imports Core – innermost zone of the planet, largely nickel and iron Mantle – above the core, viscous rock Crust – the outermost layer of the planet Earth geologic cycle: tectonic cycle, rock cycle and soil formation Driving force – convection earthquakes
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Unformatted text preview: Mantle convection Europe + north America, spreading zone in between Plate tectonics theory that states that the earths lithosphere is divided into plates, most of which are in constant motion Divergent plate boundaries: plates move apart from one another Convergent plate boundaries plates move towards one another and collide Transform fault boundaries plate move sideways past each other Faults and earthquakes-san Andres fault rock cycle recycles scarce minerals and elements the constant formation and destruction of rock slowest of all earth cycles...
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