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9/26 th - "A Global Perspective on the Future of Energy” by Prof. Scott Tink Professor Tink’s lecture focused mainly on global sources of energy that are currently being used and the implications of the continued use of such sources for our future if we continue to use them at the current rate. He introduced each energy source and stated the why they are being used, and the challenges that they pose. First was ‘coal’, coal is used because of its affordability and availability. Coal is globally abundant, and still relatively cheap and will continue to be popular unless a price is set on carbon emissions. Some challenges that arise from the use of coal include mining impacts; on the environment and on people, output of high levels of CO2 that worsens the air quality and it’s effect on freshwater. The second form of energy Professor Tink mentions is Oil. Until this point 1.2 Billion barrels of oil has been consumed and he believes between 3 – 6 billion barrels are left. To put into scale how much oil is consumed on a global scale, he revealed that
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