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Executive summary: Hobie Surf Co. is a company who specializes in Sportswear and surf wear for over 50 years. Over time Hobie has specialized in all aspects of sport and surf wear. Almost every major city in the United States is covered by Hobie. They keep up to date on all the new fashions and trends, by having all the top name brands and manufacturers including their own name brand. Hobbies product line consists of all products from beginner sports enthusiasts to extreme sports enthusiasts with all sorts of value. Hobbies product line ranges from the most professional equipment to beginning equipment. The prices are always low and Hobie has everything you need to enjoy your time outdoors. The major drivers of globalization in Mexico that portray to Hobie surf CO. are the industrialization and development of the costliness in Mexico for foreign investment. Many foreign companies are investing in the boom of foreign direct investment into
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Unformatted text preview: vacation hotspots along the cost of Mexico. Another major driver of globalization is the irony of culture between the Mexican lifestyle and the life style of Hobie Surf Company. They are both very similar the Mexican culture is layback and always enjoyable. Same with the business culture of Hobie surf company. We want every one to enjoy their time in our stores and we want that feeling to carry on with you out side the shop. The Target market for Hobie surf Co. is mostly tourist oriented. Kids to seniors are welcome and highly encouraged to take action in the Hobie lifestyle. We know that our way of doing business will entice people of all ethnicity’s and lifestyles to come into the shops and our atmosphere is so contagious that persons from all over the globe will participate it our enjoyment for all sports and ways of life....
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