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Freewrite #5 - relate to the good or evil Consciousness...

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Mik Gadomski June 6, 2006 English 101 Free write #5: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the role of consciousness. Mr. Hyde is darkness in Dr. Jekyll life which is continually growing it in taking over the consciousness of Dr. Jekyll is starts when Dr. Jekyll has an inclination to do his experiments. At first Dr. Jekyll looks at this experiment as a way to express his inner evil, but in the end the evil has overcome him. The temptations of the benefits/ effects of what the experiment will do intrigued Dr. Jekyll to perform the unmoral. An experiment so unmoral it killed his fellow Doctor and friend Dr. Layton. The role of consciousness plays a minor role but nevertheless an important one. Everyone has the consciousness the ones may be stronger than another's I'm aware of my consciousness more then one time a day. Unconsciousness is my brain second thinking things it does. Not necessarily have to
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Unformatted text preview: relate to the good or evil. Consciousness tells you the consequences of your actions if you, do or don't do this action what are the short and long-term repercussions. I feel that I don't need my consciousness to tell me what's right or wrong, those are my self morals. I use my consciousness to allow myself to show myself the realization of the consequences of my actions. My consciousness allows me to choose from good or evil. when my consciousness comes into play, I am thinking to myself should I act in self interest in well with the benefits and repercussions be, but at the same time I think to myself should I act unselflessly and help someone else benefit and not myself. Though I may not benefit myself subconsciously I benefit myself through the act of helping someone else....
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