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Mik Gadomski January 6, 2006 English 101 Free write #6: Boundaries on science? The topic of whether or not there should be boundaries on science is a touchy one. This topic is very debatable and for good reason. Sciences can provide many benefits to all people alike, but the question, is it moral? I feel there should be moral boundaries on science. Presently scientists are coming up with some extremely controversial studies and experiments. These studies and experiments can range from stem cell Research to things such as psychological changes, like in the book the strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde . These experiences easily have to aspects were, good and a bad. You but in truth all are morally wrong. One person may say that we need to do these things they may not be morally right in the short run but they are extremely beneficial in the long run. they will give you reasons such as, if we don't do these experiments someone else around the world in a another
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Unformatted text preview: country new will do this and benefit in his, or they may give you reasons like, we can get our stem cells from the poverty-stricken children or it dead or dying children. The other side would argue that these researches and experiments affected and interfere with another's life and this can be no more morally wrong than to murder someone. They would also use defense such as, we need to set an example for all countries around the world. They will say, two wrongs do not make a Wu was right, we will prove to everyone that these experiments are morally wrong to all cultures around the globe and experiments such as these should not take place. Technological advances are not always right we must separate the moral experiments and Research from the unmoral experiments and Research....
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